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If you want to play online blackjack game then you can do it. There are some great software that can be used by you and you can tap as many credit as you want. You can also use the topic menu link if you want to switch between the games. You have to wait for the game to be loaded after turning on the sound system. If you have a 56K modem then the time taken to be loaded is around half a minute. After the game is loaded you may play the blackjack game online. You can also control the sound level.

Basic rules

The free blackjack games are same as the game played in casino. Your target will be beating the dealer but you cannot get busted. If the total value of the cards is more 21 or more than that then you have to lose. The winner of the game will be that person having value of cards closest to 21. You have to reach the values 21 by adding the values of cards.

There are some free cards like queens, jacks and kings having value of 10. The other cards have the values equal to the numbers of the cards. The value of ace is 1 or 11 according to the preference. If you can make a total of 21 in first two cards then you will win automatically. It is called "Blackjack". You can also play free blackjack here.

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