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One of the most popular and wide spread means of online casino gameplay is Blackjack, which was also one of the first games to let users play Blackjack online on the online casinos worldwide. Taken the proper decision making into account the game of Blackjack is a card game which gives the highest house edge. On this site you have a chance to learn how to play the game correctly and to develop a strategy that fits you style of gameplay.


The decisions made in a game of blackjack really make a difference, in comparison to roulette in which you can only make a small prediction of the number that the bar will stay on and pray for it to happen. Knowing the rules and finding the right solutions to the situations you may face is also very important in Blackjack games. Be sure to visit our rules page for more details.

Blackjack Training

Upon getting a firm grip on the rules and understanding the gameplay, you can test your skill on one of the trainers. You can also put your knowledge to the test and play blackjack online with the help of a free mode of play. Some sites offer blackjack coaches which will give you tips while you play. It comes very helpful if you are planning to fine-tune your strategy. The coach will let you know the decisions that you should have taken in such situations.

Game Variations

There are many other great card games a part from blackjack, most of them are based on the French version of "21" and also offer the possibility to play blackjack online.

  • Spanish 21 - a blackjack game without tens.

    1. Includes the possibility to make side bets to make up for the tens.

  • Pontoon - a game with the highest rewards.

    2. Rewards up to a ratio of 3:2


A tournament which allows its player to participate by playing blackjack online, is increasingly popular nowadays. With the decision of competing, you a get a chance to test your skill with the many players worldwide.

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