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Find below the detailed terms and conditions you are consenting to agree by using any software, website or casino of jackpot member family. This includes all the jackpot casinos, slot casinos and all first web casinos. Any usage by you is taken as an acceptance of all the detailed terms and conditions listed on the website. Hence, it is advisable to first educate yourself on all the listed conditions prior to usage. It is hereby accepted that you shall neither indulge yourself in any online casino games nor consent to any winnings without completely understanding all the listed terms and conditions completely. Your usage of the website is allowed only if you consent to abide by all the listed terms and conditions.

If you agree to comply with all the rules and regulations then please click on the "I agree" option on the webpage. If you don't wish to abide by the listed terms and conditions mentioned then there is no necessity to fill up the registration form and do not click on the "I agree" box. In all the listed terms and conditions "company/our/us/we" terms used are in reference to "t0 squareit, ltd" and all its partners, affiliates, agents, employees, directors, offices and our representatives. Similarly "you" is in reference to the person playing the game on the website and their acceptance or decline to abide by the rules. All casinos are duly protected by copyright laws, intellectual property laws along with the international copyright treaties.

Please note that we have the right to make amendments in our terms and conditions when required. We may make changes, updates or supplement the rules and regulations as per our discretion. We assure that all amendments shall be available on the individual online casinos and on jackpot factory. However, we assume no responsibility of individually conveying the same to you. The checking of the detailed terms and conditions has to be done individually by you on the respective website and jackpot factory shall not be held liable for any miscommunication. Once the online casino has listed the latest terms and conditions they are to be considered as effective immediately and the previous terms and conditions stand null and void.

The choice to agree or disagree to our terms and conditions is completely yours and you are not bound in any way to comply by them. However, even a single usage of the online casino makes you liable to adhere to the listed terms and conditions. If the listed terms and conditions are not conducive for you, you may cease all activity on the particular website. Any type of continued usage would be considered as an acceptance of all every terms and conditions.

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