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Card games have been extremely popular during centuries, since the first deck of cards appeared in 9th century in China. First cards have nothing common with those we have got used today, but that is not strange, as everything changes with time. During five centuries after appearance, card game had been played at Asia and only five hundred years later they started to play in Europe. Those decks of card, that were used there, had been a little bit similar to the common ones, as there were 52 cards in the deck of four suits. At the end of 15th century new suits appeared which we now can see at modern cards. People found games, which used decks of cards, very innovative and interesting and more and more new games appeared. People played cards throughout Europe and very soon they started to be played at America and other continents. Cards conquered hearts of many gamblers…but no one could even though, that one of the games, which appeared in 17th century could started the era of the game, which is played even after 5 centuries after its birth and moreover, each century it becomes more popular. This game firstly has been called “twenty-one” and even now you can meet this name of Blackjack.

You may be surprised, but this game, which you have definitely met at all casinos you ever visited, has really long history full of different evens and developments, which had changed its running completely. But rules of the first blackjack variations are lost and now we have data only about latest blackjack games, though it is known for sure, that blackjack is owing its name due to one of the first demands of winning in original game version which is to have a hand with Ace which gives 11 points and Jack of Spades or Jack od Clubs, which gives 10 points. The echo of this rule can be found now in some modern game variations, which offer extra pay outs for such winning hands. But common game of blackjack, which uses not such complicated demands for winnings, states, that it is enough to have more points than dealer has without exceeding 21. You will also find some blackjack variation, which pay for three 7s and other combinations, including colors of cards and suits. Just find variation, which will be interesting for you to play and try to collect winning combination!

All these game variants are available at the best land based casinos, as well as online ones. If you want to know more about online gambling in general and blackjack game in particular, stay with us and read the best articles devoted to this popular card game!

Strategy Chart

Strategy charts were made to ease your gambling ability of prediction favorable odds. Online casinos offer special online charts for every Blackjack move so you can easily follow them and increase your chances in win.

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Soft Hand Strategy

Blackjack basic strategy helps players to predict further cards and moves during the game. Blackjack game strategy also explains about usage of Soft or Hard blackjack hand, whatever total you are standing at.

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Free Blackjack

Card games at Blackjack online gambling sites have won their popularity very quickly. Online game developers provide players with free modes on every Blackjack game in order to let players practice free without spending any bankrolls. However, you still can play for real money at Blackjack.

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Blackjack history has begun about 300 years ago. It has been developing swiftly with its rules and strategies. Through years blackjack cheating has become a normal event, however casino rules for blackjack have restricted cheating.

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