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One of the most popular games at the casinos is Blackjack, in comparison to other games it's the best one due to the fact that it allows players to sit while playing. On the other hand the ones that have to stand are the blackjack dealers, the position would not be the best choice for those who cannot stand for a long time on their feet. Due to the fact that standing up for long periods of time is very exhausting, so dealers work by shift. They are usually dressed in a casino theme uniform.

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You need to know for a fact that the dealer does have a certain amount of control over the casino game, by shuffling, dealing cards and giving out payments. The dealer can sometimes change the way the game goes by providing help and giving answers to questions that may arise.

The time when the cards are shuffled is chosen by the blackjack dealers, as well as the time to break a new deck. The decisions made really do make a change in the way the game is played. Shuffling as considered by most is what may lay an end to the winning streak. They also have the power to increase/decrease the speed of the deal and break the concentration level of the player.

For all of the ones interested in becoming one of the blackjack dealers, they need to poses certain personal qualities in order to suit the position. They must have great communicational skills, to be able to communicate properly with difficult customers, they have to be fast counters and have a great level of hand-eye coordination.

Blackjack is considered to be a game where people socialize while having a couple of drinks. Players have the possibility to talk to one another and the dealer, other important things needed to be taken into account is that the players may get angry and rowdy at the dealer for losing, and for those who are not too social the game is not the best choice.

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